Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Planning: Bathroom Remodel

We are mid-kitchen remodel, and I have started to plan our next project – the master bathroom. The current bathroom is very small, and given the budget and design of our house there is no way to expand the bathroom. I have been trying to think of how to best utilize the space and what finishing touches can compensate for its size.
I want to use white marble for the floors and maybe marble subway title for the shower. For the sink, I am searching for a dresser to convert with a marble top and sink similar to the photo below. Sarah Richardson did a great bathroom on Room Service that I am using as inspiration, however I am scared of the black walls.

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Rebecca said...

It is a gorgeous bathroom, but the walls would be scary to try. I've been seeing a lot of black laquered doors and trim work lately. It's just beautiful. The latest issue of Domino has a good spread featuring the mix.