Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Project - Dresser

I love the weekend for the beautiful weather and the time to work on projects. This weekend I repaired a dresser I purchased last year and was using in our guest room. I started the repairs last summer with replacing the drawer pulls and painting it white (it was burnt pink before). Well, I did not do quality work before, so I sanded, filled dents and painted it a semi-gloss white. Later today we are going to get some new drawer pulls and move into the master bedroom.

I think I mentioned before that I like faux bamboo furniture. The white dresser is exhibit A, and this is exhibit B, the same dress in black. It is a sickness. Notice the chairs.


alexis said...

I am desperately looking for a white faux bamboo dresser for or bedroom and have not been able to find one. (I was going to purchase the one at WS Home and it is discontinued until next summer). I love this one. Can you point me in a direction to find one?

peterjane said...

You can find a white faux bamboo dresser (and much more!) at my favorite website