Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Perfect Sofa

I have been looking for the perfect sofa for three years. I found one that I was close to buying, but it was so large I could not fit it in my front door. Now that my new house will (soon) have French doors, I wish I could go back and buy it, but it is gone. Here is a sampling of the sofas that I love. Hopefully some day I will be able to afford one of them.

This sofa is from Lillian August through Drexel. It's called the London sofa, how perfect is that!

Everything from Anthropologie is wonderful, but I would love to have the Ditte sofa in leaf for our den.

Here is the Taylor sofa from Bernhardt that I could not figure out how to get in the house. Sigh.

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Lizzy said...

Hi, I just looked at this sofa and I saw your comment about it being to hard to get into the house- want to say that the salesperson told me the bottom frame easily unscrews and the couch reduces to a mere 22 inches in width- you can get that through any space it would seem. Good luck.