Monday, January 4, 2010

Decorating Project Obsession

I have a new decorating project obsession. It started with a Google image search for Darcy Miller’s wedding scrapbook. I have been working on my own wedding scrapbook (2 plus years later) in a similar format to hers. Darcy’s scrapbook is not your typical scrapbook, it was more like a memory book with inspiration photos, mementos from planning and photos from the wedding.

Darcy's Scrapbook via - The Wedding Library.

This is my scrapbook in progress. I only have a few pages done since I just got rights to our photos this past fall.

So that search brought me to Darcy’s website with her adorable illustrations, background information on her scrapbook and her exhibit “Family” at Partners and Spade. The exhibit was so amazing. Just like the weddings in MS Weddings, every detail was thought of, but the different methods she showcased photos from and mementos from over the years is brilliant. Not only did the exhibit inspire me for my wedding scrapbook, but I also plan to recreate this wall in our house.

It will be fun to gather all the images and mementos to showcase, but also for friends and family visiting to see all the great memories showcased. I plan to put this wall in the seating area of our kitchen. We currently have a large mirror there, however with baby proofing not thinking a heavy mirror resting on the floor is a good idea. This will be a long project since I need to locate frames, images and keepsakes and build overtime, but I think will be a great project for 2010.

You can see and read a lot more by Darcy's exhbit via the following links:

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