Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love new projects.

So I have thank you cards completed, James' birth announcements mailed and the garage sale was a success. That leaves room for 3 new projects. Having James makes it difficult to get anything done, so these could be the projects for awhile. Plus Nick still has the bathroom to finish.
  • Project #1 - With my garage sale proceeds I am having our peach chairs recovered, but am waiting for a sale at Calico Corners before ordering the fabric. We are going to have them recovered in a charcoal wool. I have one estimate for the upholstery, but while I wait for a sale at Calico Corners I might get a few more quotes.

  • Project #2 - Here is the new coffee table we purchased the other weekend for $8. It will be great for baby proofing since two of our current coffee tables have sharp edges. The plan is to repaint the base black and either have marble cut for the top or a make one out of wood. Once complete we will do a coffee table shuffle between the rooms to figure what what works best where.
  • Project #3 - We are getting rid of our dinning room table. It is too big and the legs don't allow for enough leg room. Awhile back I purchased a faux bamboo table that has been sitting in the garage. I am going to paint it red just like this photo from Canadian House & Home. I plan on using my bamboo bench with set of bamboo chairs that are the exact same style as those in the photo. Might be a little too much faux bamboo, but hopefully the differences in finishes will stop it from being matchy-matchy.


acoleman said...

Izzy, Did you know that Calico Corners offers reupholstery services, and the quality of the work is always guaranteed? The September sale is coming soon and reupholstery services and fabrics will be on sale--a winning combination. Good luck with your projects!

LindsB said...

Sound like great projects- I love the coffee table and I think its the perfect baby proof kind :)

Jan Jessup said...

Dear Izzylu,
You won't have to wait long to re-do those peach chairs! Calico Corners annual Fall Sale begins on September 12 and runs through October 3. You'll save on the fabric--and can also save on custom labor, if you decide to turn the chairs over to an upholsterer. Happy decorating!