Sunday, March 1, 2009

Home and Garden Fair

For the next week and half is the local Home and Garden Show. Nick has a booth with the Nursery and if I must say is the best 10x10 booth in the place. They are located in the building with the display gardens and he is getting great expose. Here are some action shots I took while visiting him on Saturday. Nick has much better images, before the doors opened which I will try to snag from his camera later.
Huge thanks to our friends Jen and Marit for all their work with the print material. Plus the best item - Keep Calm and Garden On (you can see it in the first photo). My small contribution to the entire booth as the green pillow on the chair, not much but still a nice detail.

Other exciting news for Nick is in the summer he is doing a green roof at the Parade of Homes. More on that this summer (not until July). Congrats Nick!!

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Jen said...

And Nick is blocked in both of your pics. Tee hee. I cannot wait for the Parade of Homes!